Stand On Safety


Zero Accidents and Zero Incidents

We understand there is no greater threat to your project success than a jobsite accident. Since 2011, we’ve proven zero accidents and zero incidents are an achievable goal.  Our “stand on safety” begins with an EHS program focused on continuous improvement and skill development. Safety is our No. 1 priority on every project. Management’s commitment to the highest health, safety and environmental standards is evident in the strict identification, control and elimination of hazards that could result in personal injury or illness, property damage, fire, negative environmental impact or other controllable losses. Northcor utilizes the Risk Assessment, Data Analysis and Results (RADAR) Process to help assess and prioritize situations and events for the need for corrective and/or preventive action. It is based on industry-standard qualitative risk assessment methods, customized for hazards unique to the Alberta area and to each jobsite. Northcor takes responsibility for ensuring the same high EHS standards among subcontractors. A dedicated construction safety manager and support staff provide additional expertise and support to ensure the highest safety standards.

 Safety Certifications and Awards

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) issued by the Alberta Construction Safety Association ensures that the Safety and Management System has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards established by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. Registered with ISNET, Complyworks and the Workers Compensation Board