Pipeline Construction

Northcor has the experience, expertise, equipment, personnel and resources to construct pipelines of any size and length, no matter how difficult the terrain. That, combined with our perfect safety record and superior quality control procedures make Northcor the ideal choice for your pipeline construction project.

Pipeline Integrity

When you need assistance with your Pipeline Integrity Program, Northcor can help. After you’ve identified the potential impact of the HCAs (High Consequence Areas) and developed your mitigation plan, Northcor can provide any or all the services needed to bring you into compliance.

Civil Earth Work

Northcor is proud to play a part in the expansion and improvement of Canada’s infrastructure to benefit our community. To that end, Northcor provides a wide variety of Civil Earth Work services for the responsible development of our infrastructure and natural resources.

Site Services

Northcor is not just about large complicated installations. We regularly apply our experience, expertise, personnel and equipment fleet to provide firms with a variety of site services in Alberta.