Northcor Builds Community

Fort MacKay and Fort McMurray are home to Northcor founders Jalal Eid and Stuart Tourangeau, Northcor’s Aboriginal owners who have lived and worked here their entire lives. Building and supporting the Aboriginal community is an important priority for them and for Northcor Construction.

  • We train and equip the local workforce while providing a safe working environment. More than 40 percent of our workforce are members of the Aboriginal community.

  • We purchase locally whenever possible and utilize local subcontractors and local suppliers such as dealers, rental companies, and surveyors who help us complete our projects on time and on budget.

  • We support educational scholarships for Aboriginal students who have a desire to succeed in the construction industry.

  • We encourage investment in community programs for the prevention of, treatment of and recovery from drug and alcohol abuse among our youth.

  • We support transparency and accountability for businesses that are undertaking projects in Alberta and work to negotiate long-term agreements that place the needs of the community first.

  • We encourage employees to volunteer in the community by providing them with paid time off to participate in charitable activities.

  • We believe there can be a balance between protecting the natural beauty of the land and pursuing projects that contribute to the economic health and welfare of the Aboriginal community.

Read our NEWS page for more about what is happening in our community.

Employee Volunteer Program

Northcor is committed to giving back to the community and to making a difference in the lives of the people around us. While there are a number of things we do as a company to support the local community and we encourage our employees to make us aware of those opportunities, we know that the greatest contribution we can make is through Northcor employees.

To that end, we actively encourage our employees to volunteer their time, skills, and expertise. To support them in that endeavor, employees receive paid time off during the work week to take part in pre-approved volunteer activities.

Not only does volunteering benefit the community, we believe those who have a purpose outside of work are more motivated, healthier and happier in everything they do. In addition to feeling needed and appreciated, employees who volunteer have the opportunity to develop new skills and expertise, meet new people, and gain new perspectives.