Commitment to Quality


Quality You Can Measure

Northcor’s Quality Assurance Plans for pipeline construction meet [or exceed?] requirements outlined in ABSA Document AB-518. We hold a certification of authorization permit for pipeline work in Alberta, utilize certified welders and employ registered welding procedures. At all phases of construction, inspections are conducted by qualified personnel and hydrostatic test methods ensure proper function. Certification is completed by Northcor and an owner’s inspector. Northcor’s Quality Assurance Plans go above and beyond in providing project owners with confidence in the quality of the completed project. Written procedures and quality guidelines assure component materials are assembled, installed, inspected and tested in accordance with project specifications, construction codes, regulatory authority, standards and contract documents. They are customized to meet your unique project requirements

Build It Right The First Time

More than 40 quality assurance forms document the inspection of materials, surveys, concrete and structural work, welding, piping fabrication, and installations. These are easily managed and accessible to clients through cloud-based storage. A dedicated quality control manager has responsibility for managing the plan. Management provides the support and resources to ensure the plan is implemented and conducts periodic audits to ensure plan compliance