Moving Projects and Communities Forward

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Moving Projects and Communities Forward

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Our Services

Northcor has the experience, expertise, equipment, personnel and resources and expertise to construct pipelines of any size and length no matter how difficult the terrain.
When you need assistance with your Pipeline Integrity Program, Northcor can help.
Northcor provides a wide variety of Civil Earth Work services for the responsible development of our infrastructure and natural resources.
We regularly apply our experience, expertise, personnel and equipment fleet to provide firms with a variety of site services in Alberta.

Our Values


Zero incidents on all jobsites requires a proactive Environmental Health and Safety Program aimed at continuous improvement and skill development.


Northcor’s proprietary quality assurance and quality control measures are employed at every stage of the project, ensuring thorough and consistent inspections ofmaterials, surveys, concrete and structural work, welding, piping fabrication, and installations.


Northcor believes communication and collaboration between employees, management, customers, and stakeholders result in the best outcomes.


Northcor provides job opportunities and training, and volunteers its time and talent to the Aboriginal community. We are committed to upholding the culture and values of our ancestors.

More than 1000 workers have been employed at Northcor since the company’s inception, generating a positive impact on the Aboriginal community.